The Captain Morse House

Get Creative! Take a Class at Lucy Gunn’s

As an artist myself, anything creative is is an added plus to my vacation plans.  I scope out the art gallery locations and exhibits prior to leaving for any destination.  And my art supplies are the first thing I pack.  I even have a travel art supply kit (named the TASK by my husband) that goes everywhere with me.  You just never know when the muse might hit you, right?

So I am pleased to tell you that within 20 steps from the Captain Morse House (OK, maybe 30) is the best-ever place for someone who likes to learn about new creative arts!  Ladies, hand the menfolk a cold beer, park them on our porch and walk over to Lucy Gunn’s Creative Lifestyle store.

Lucy’s is a really cool store if you like to shop, so do take some time to visit. But the best part of Lucy’s is in the back, where they host all kinds of arts and crafts classes, where local artists come to share their knowledge for a few hours.  Every time I look at their schedule, I wish I was there to participate.

If you are planning a trip to St. Marys, be sure to check out their list of classes and sign up!

Created by Captain E. F. Morse