The Captain Morse House

A Great Walk With A Dog in St. Marys, Georgia

Our dogs are our kids.  We do have other real kids, but they are grown now (in years, anyway), have their own lives (unless they need something), and never listened to us as well as our furry ones do, anyway.  But traveling when you have a pet adds another level of anxiety to the planning stage.  Where can we board them?  Is it a good place? How much will it cost us?  (OMG, that much?)

One of the main reasons that we bought the Captain Morse House was our wish to have a vacation home where our pets could also enjoy a change of venue.  We did fence the backyard in, which really helps with late-night potty breaks.   But our collies know that the highlight of every day will be their walk through the downtown area to the waterfront park.  So they usually lay right by the front door and wait. And stare at us.  You know that look.

So at least once a day, we get out the leashes (with great joy and loud barking) and head out through the front picket fence.  My husband gets the collies —see the photo above — and I get stuck with our really grumpy 13-year old Lhasa apso.

We make a left and cross the street to Seagles Saloon.  Dogs are welcome there, so we usually stop and say hello to everyone.  Pauly’s, across the street, also lets pups sit with you while you enjoy a beverage or a meal. And the Market on the Square has a water bowl outside.

We then cross over to the water-side of front street, where the ferry runs.  Here is where the real fun begins.  When you have two collies, everyone wants to pet them.  And if you are a collie, you love this!  Carly and Cannon now even know to sit for photo ops.  (Keep in mind, me, with the grumpy lhasa, just hanging out in the background.)

Our walk eventually takes us the Howard Gilman Park.  We sit on the swings at the waterfront for a few minutes, then walk out on the pier.  The breeze keeps the dogs and us cool, even on the hottest days. Then up past the fountain, where there are always a few children playing in the spray (and more petting and photo ops.)

Exit the park, and cross the street to walk up Wheeler Street.  It’s shaded with beautiful trees, so cool on doggy feet. Then make a right on Stable Alley.  At this point, we are worn out.  Well, maybe not the collies.  But I am; I am now carrying Willow, whose little Lhasa legs gave out somewhere on the dock, where she just sat down and refused to go on.

At the end of Stable Alley, we can see our house! We cross the street, open the gate, and we are back home! A rush to the water bowl, and time to settle down for a long nap.  By the front door.  In case mom & dad want to do it again.

P.S.  Bring a doggy bag or two.  We keep some in the kitchen.